In the early part of 2018, I started my first competition prep where I never made it to the stage. Unfortunately, that journey was an unhealthy one so I made the difficult decision to not go through with the competition. I've never been the type of person to not finish what I started but my instincts told me it wasn't the right time. Several months went by and I couldn't shake off the feeling that I failed...I had to prove to myself that I could follow through with what I started. I've always followed Casey's impressive career and her passion for coaching so in October 2018 I finally reached out to her to inquire about coaching. Since Day 1, Casey has been the most responsive, thorough, professional, and caring coach. After going through my health history and previous prep experience, she didn't recommend jumping into competition prep right away. Her first priority was getting my body (and mind) back to a healthy state and she did just that. Once we reached that healthy state, then we moved into competition prep mode. Throughout the entire prep - I ate lots of whole foods, felt energized, no crazy supplements, powerful workouts, and most importantly I was strong and healthy. Keep in mind Casey's coaching never changed over the past 6 months - extremely knowledgeable, consistent, meticulous, responsive, and caring. Then show day finally arrived, I was already proud for so many reasons - great prep experience, actually made it to show day, and developed a pretty cool relationship with an awesome human being. April 13, 2019 will be a day I will never forget - I walked away with 7 awards...literally every single bikini title in the show. The setback I had in 2018 really set me up for the best comeback I could have every imagined. There is NO WAY this would have happened without Casey. She is the true definition of a leader and I'm truly honored to have her as my coach. She is the most hardworking, genuine, and inspiring human with a heart of gold. There is literally nothing that Casey will not do for her girls...that has been my experience the entire time I've known her. I will forever be grateful for crossing paths with Casey and look forward to crushing future goals together!

Stefania Rafeedie

2019 Virginia Classic Overall Bikini Champion & Clash Of The Titans Overall Bikini Champion, and 4, 1st Place Bikini Wins, & first National show (5th)


I’m just your typical local 'Yinzer' trying not to add those extra fries on the salads and sandwiches to my hips and belly. I never followed the fitness world much but would browse the occasional  athletes that would pop up on social media. Hate to be cliche but social media lead me to a great friend coach and mentor. I contacted Casey in October of 2018 looking for guidance and accountability in the gym. We started working together during the holiday season which I was nervous about because who doesn’t I want to stuff pumpkin everything in your belly? Pleasantly surprised, Casey was able to pop in pumpkin cake and brownies into the mix to keep me happy and full. I even had FREE days of eating throughout the holiday season. During the month of December, I told Casey that I was ready to dive head first into prep and see what this body could do. I was beyond nervous and never thought I would look the part but I kept showing up. 

Things were starting to fall into place and everything came crashing to a halt in early February. One morning I woke up and my entire leg was numb and swollen. I could barely walk let alone feel my toes. My world was flipped upside down when I was diagnosed with a DVT (Deep vein thrombosis or blood clot). I cried and cried and thought all of my hard work was going to be washed down the drain. I immediately texted Casey, and she filled me up with optimism and good vibes. We came up with a plan with my medical team for my safety and health. Fortunately there was light at the end of the tunnel and I was able to step on stage just over three weeks from my hospital stay. 

If that isn’t testimony enough to how Casey prepares her athletes I’m not sure what is. My body was conditioned and ready weeks in advance. Ever after taking weeks off from all activity and starting new medications and dealing with never ending edema. I’m beyond grateful that she has never been more than a text or an email away. Always pushing me to not dwell on the “what if’s” and keep shining onto the next feat. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a coach whether it be competition prep or lifestyle is — are they following what they tell you to do? Are you feeling GOOD or just getting by? I can confidently say that Casey’s #1 priority is her clients health. Not once did we need any “magic” pills to prepare my body for the stage. Under her guidance and expertise we continually arrive to the stage better and better each time. Finally Casey is able to keep it professional when coaching but her best quality is being able to turn it off and being a great friend. She’s genuinely an awesome human being who I’m honored to be friends with and work with everyday!

Michelle Mazza - Multiple Class Wins, Arnold Classic, & first National show (10th) (2019)


As a 37 year old mother of 2 teenagers with no self confidence, I reached out to Casey for coaching. I followed her career on IG and was amazed at how heartfelt and genuine she seemed while having the best body I had ever seen. Her immediate response back made me realize that not only was I gaining a coach, I was also going to be gaining confidence and support that I gave never had in my whole life. My first prep my body looked better than it had when I was a very active 20 year old. Every prep I listened to everything she said and my body transformed to a better package every single time. Not only did my body change, but today I have the confidence and self discipline that will stay with me in life and it even makes me be a better parent. She doesn't coach but rather leads her girls to success and is there every step of the way. I'm blessed to be a part of the Team Casey family and more blessed that she has become a very best friend and sister.

Adriana Hart - Multiple Top 5 Placings in career since 2015 (2019)


  Where do I begin? I started my fitness journey in 2015 and competed in my first competition in 2018. While I fell in love with the stage, I didn’t not fall in love with my preparation. Eating broccoli and doing 65+ minutes of cardio a day was not working for me. After several months of looking for a knowledgeable and seasoned coach, I found Casey. Her mission stood out to me: preparing the body in a healthy manner with minimal cardio and an option to use an IIFYM plan. Having Casey as a coach was everything I could ask for. She responded quickly, gave me food when I needed, and was there every step of the way. Even when life came my way, she was there to let me know that everything was going to be fine. Also, I never passed 45 minutes of cardio! Like what! My main goal with my 2019 prep with Casey was to bring a COMPLETELY different look compared to my 2018 prep. And we nailed that and then some! She has motivated and inspired me to be a better athlete throughout my prep and I can’t wait to prep with her in the future. 

Alexandra Seas - Top 3 placing & first National Show (13th)


So grateful to be under the guidance of Casey during this whole prep. She is such an attentive, caring, and passionate Coach! I'm so proud of how far we've come, and I can't wait to be back on stage again!

Lynsey Buege  (2019)


After looking at my progress photos yesterday and crying some happy tears-seeing how far I've come, I decided to share them on Instagram. I wanted to post them because I've had girls reach out to me, that I've never met, asking me how I got started. It's hard when you're starting out to believe that you'll get there when you're looking at someone else's show day photos. People don't see all of the hours that you put in training and dieting. It took months to get that show day body! It wasn't easy and there were lots of moments of tears when I thought I wouldn't get to this point I'm at now. 

I picked Casey as my Coach for a reason and despite not having compete faith in myself, I had faith in her as a Coach and just kept telling myself that I would get "there" if I kept to the plan. Everyday I showed up to the gym and meal prepped like a boss. Consistency is truly key! So if there is someone out there looking for a lifestyle change or they want to learn a healthy means to competing, I hope I can give you two reasons to get started. Me and Casey!


"Casey brought me to the stage feeling so confident, so prepared, well fed and full of energy. The constant check-ins and feedback, the support and preparations brought this complete package to the stage."

- Jonica Carroll

2018 NPC Felicia Romero Classic Bikini Open Overall Champion


"Casey has never left my side with her support, guidance, and care. She is one of the biggest reasons that I finally decided to take the leap and start competing. I feel SO BLESSED to be a part of Team Casey."

-Lynsey Buege

2018 NPC Indy Classic Bikini Novice Overall Champion & 1st Place Bikini Open Winner


Casey is one incredible human being. She is not only  boss at dieting, training, and prep, but she is so genuine, uplifting, and hilarious. When I started working with Casey 9 months ago I never thought my life would have changed the way it has. Casey encourages me to not only be better in fitness but in all aspects of life."

-Sarah Kahan

2016 NPC Northern USA Bikini Open Overall & Best In Show


“Behind every fearless competitor is a Coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be. My Coach Casey, does just that. I can’t appreciate this wonderful woman enough. Every show gets better and better. I couldn’t do it without Casey’s knowledge and experience. I am a firm believer of fate and intuition. I saw Casey for the first time at what I thought was going to be my last show. I had this gut feeling to at least reach out to Casey and ask about Team Casey. I AM SO GLAD I DID. I don’t know how my life would’ve turned out or where my self love, my confidence, or my love for this sport would have been, or whether I would have been competing again. I talk so highly of this woman and forever will. She’s my motivator, my coach, she’s my inspiration, she’s goals. She is someone I look up to and hope to one day share the stage with. One prep at a time, one show at a time, one goal at a time.”

-Serina Phavixay

2018 NPC Flex Lewis Classic Bikini Novice Overall Champion & 1st Place Bikini Open Winner

2018 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bikini Open Overall Champion


"Before I had started working with Casey, I thought I had a grasp on what "worked for me" in regards to fitness and nutrition. I was doing hours of cardio, not nearly enough strength training, a lot of disordered eating, and having a lot of frustration. Even when I knew my own plan was detrimental to my health and holding me back from my goals, I was scared to put this part of my life in someone elses hands. That fear went away immediately upon contacting Casey for guidance. I knew immediately that  not only does she care about your physique and goals, but also your health, hormones, and well-being. No cookie cutter plans, just pure dedication and love for every one of her athletes. Not only does she give us the tools to succeed, but she gives us the desire to fight for our goals each day. It takes a really special person to light that fire in others while also being a living example of everything we're striving for! I am so proud and thankful to be a part of this team."

-Jordan Ziegler

2017 NPC Jay Cutler Classic VA 1st Place Bikini Open & Novice


"When you join Team Casey you are automatically a part of this beautiful community of strong women who are located all over the world. The engagement and support is rare, special, and unique. Casey coaches you in the healthiest, happiest manner. I came to her with metabolic damage and she immediately went to work bringing my calories up, cardio down, very frequent refeeds, and rest days were a must."

"Casey is your number one fan. She will be hard on you, she will tell you the truth. She will sit in the audience and yell louder than anyone. I have NEVER met a coach that checks in with their clients on their wedding weekend because they're  just as excited as they are. She is genuine and never lets you doubt yourself. Casey has taught me so much."

-Ariel Barnhill

2018 NPC Nashville Fit Show 1st Place Bikini Open


Kortney Valentine - 1st Place Master's Bikini Champion (2018)

“Not only is she someone of success and integrity to model after in this industry, but she holds her clients to the same standards as well. I’ve truly learned to FINALLY be proud of who I am and ARRIVING to the exact point of my life that I’m at. Showing up is my biggest battle! I have doubted myself in life way more than most know and will ever know, but every single day I show up and you better believe I will keep showing up. Casey has taught me to remember the truly important things in life and not allow myself to get distracted by the rest. Being able to compete is by far a privilege and a gift and something most may not understand and that’s okay. It’s okay to not live for the validation of others. It’s been more than a blessing to be a part of Team Casey and I cannot wait to see what the future holds, but regardless I hope she knows the lifelong impact she’s made on me not only as my Coach, but as a friend and mentor as well. I’ve grown so much more than just physically with her and cannot thank her enough.”

Reyna Waller - 1st Place Open Bikini Champion (2018)

“By far the best shape I’ve had for a show! I’m so proud of this package and so grateful to have had the guidance from Casey. Seriously, if you want the whole package, reach out to her!”

Cantria Williams - 1st Place Master's Bikini Champion x2 (2018)

"Casey is an A+ grade. She will guide you on the right path. I've witnessed results being with her, that I didn't have before. She's serious about her clients success and very thorough. She will not let you half step. She is with you all the way and brings out the best in all of her clients. I am so proud of my results and accomplishments being with her and she is definitely the coach that I trust!"

Ariel Barnhill - 1st Place Open Bikini Champion (2018)

Honestly feeling the best I ever have this close to a competition. Sitting at 12 days out. The stress is low and the food is high giving me the energy I need. Today I hit a new low weigh in…above all else I’m confident. Something I am so thankful for from Casey is that she has been the best coach and never given me a doubt that I couldn’t do whatever I set my mind to.”

Anonymous - Athlete Supporter (2018)

“It’s evident through Casey’s posts how strong and passionate she is, but after spending the weekend watching her coach my sister so intently…her drive, humble spirit and sincere leadership speak loudly to everything she stands for! As she trains for the Olympia, day in and day out, she is sending me messages of encouragement and motivation despite not being on her team. She represents so elegantly what this sport is truly about. Class act.” 

Casey is not only a Coach, but she is a highly ranked IFBB Bikini Professional who works every day to inspire all that want to accomplish goals and live out their dreams. She plays so many roles in the IFBB & NPC and does it with respect, integrity, and ease.

Sarah Kahan - Multiple Top 3 Bikini Open Placings, Open Bikini Overall, & Best In Show (2017-2018)

"Two and a half years ago I reached out to an incredible human. Her name is Casey and this is when I joined Team Casey. Casey has seen me at my best and my worst. She has supported me throughout my doctoral degree. She has become way more than a coach to me. She has changed me as a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the best compliments is that people say that I am her “mini-me”, and it’s an incredible feeling.”