"She is the true definition of a leader and I'm truly honored to have her as my coach. She is the most hardworking, genuine, and inspiring human with a heart of gold. There is literally nothing that Casey will not do for her girls."

"I can confidently say that Casey’s #1 priority is her clients health. Casey is able to keep it professional when coaching but her best quality is being able to turn it off and being a great friend.

"Accountability +Girl Power."

"Because I've never doubted for a second that I'm in good hands."

"Coach Casey literally caters to your busy life while crushing goals."

"Coach Casey has your health as a top priority."

"Amazing attention to detail in all aspects of your plan as well as constant communication".

"Casey brought me to the stage feeling so confident, so prepared, well fed and full of energy. The constant check-ins and feedback, the support and preparations brought this complete package to the stage."


Simply just apply here on the website and be as detailed as possible. Casey herself will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your information!

Do you help athletes and clients who need a metabolic reboot or it's their first time competing?

YES AND YES! Finding out what works for your body and what doesn't is our forte! We have had 100% success rate re-establishing predictable responses for metabolism, digestion, body fat loss, menstrual cycles, and everything in between. We love being that first solid, healthy, habit setting guide and support for first time competitors. A majority of our first time competitors have been with TEAM CASEY for years! 

Do you offer meal plans as well as flexible dieting (IIFYM)?

Outside of flexible dieting, we create enjoyable macro & micro nutrient fulfilling, fully structured meal plans that include fun foods like tacos, bagels, brownies, pancakes/waffles, and everything in between! Or we can keep it very Kosher and whole foods based. It is entirely up to you!

For Casey: What made you want to be a competition coach?

Love this question. I began my journey in 2013 coaching myself. There was a lot of trial and error, but the outcome was always pretty great. My first show I won 1st, my second show I won 3rd, my third show I won the Open Overall Bikini, then I went to Universe (Nationals) and placed 6th. My final show as an amateur was my next show, North American Championships, where I won my pro card as a self-coached athlete. A few months down the road, a great friend of mine wanted to try her hand at competitions and asked me to coach her. We did a 10 week preparation (granted she had a gymnastics background and was already hitting the gym a couple times a week!) and she placed 2nd in her open class. That was when I knew that I wanted to coach others to their goals. It was a sealed deal.

Why do you have a flat rate for competition coaching?

I see a lot of coaching being separated into "premium coaching" and "regular coaching". For me that isn't an option. All coaching should be premium, high quality coaching.