"I love being able to see my athlete's evolve into true professionals on the stage and off. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences in order to better, not just their physique and competitive goals, but to help athletes find success and balance in all aspects of their lives. I live and work with integrity as a Coach and active, successful IFBB Bikini Professional. My goal and belief is to guide, push, and support other devoted athletes and individuals with the same intent."
- TEAM CASEY Owner, Head Competition & Improvement Coach, Casey Torres


     "It took me a couple of years of competing to finally realize who I wanted to be. I wanted to be the vision of HARMONY and BALANCE in the world of competing. I wanted to make competing work for me, not I for it. I wanted to reach new levels of strength, relationships, travel, and discipline not only when I am actively competing, but outside of it.

Once I made up my mind, I never stopped working for it. I have defied a lot of odds. Yes, you can pull off being a Bridesmaid all day Friday, catch the latest flight 4 states away, hop into bed, get up 4 hours later, and crush it at the Tampa Pro. Every show that I have won, I have had my womanly, monthly visitor – I include 4th place at the Olympia in 2017, Portland Classic Pro, Arkansas Pro, San Antonio Pro, and my Pro Card Win in 2014. I have had make up and tan dilemmas. I have had appointments go completely wrong on show day morning. I have seen my Nana get diagnosed with cancer and still competed the following weekend in spite of it. I have seen my Grandmother pass, spoke my good-byes at her funeral, and then hopped into a car to drive to Baltimore to compete the very next morning and snagging a top 3 spot. I’ve flown to a show in Miami the morning of at 6am with a fresh coat of base tan. I ran around completing appointments calmly and collectively, and was on stage by noon, and I tied for 1st place. I have competed 5 weekends back to back in 2016 and 11 shows total that year – which was unheard of at the time. In 2017, I took home 2nd place at every single show that year, qualifying for the Olympia on points alone and arrived at 4thin the world that weekend. We all have our list of things. That is what makes us who we are today. It’s not a list of things to fall back on as an excuse when you fail to reach your goal the first 10 times.

     What all of this has taught me, is that I was ALWAYS stronger than I thought I was. My passion to carry-on, grow, and move with purpose was what carried me the last few years. My goals were always on that fine line of realistic and GET IT or die (metaphorically). WINNING IS A STATE OF MIND. It’s an ATTITUDE. 

     I look back and I remember the moments that I cried about wanting it so badly. I haven’t cried in long, long time with this same fear. I don’t fear much anymore. I embrace it. If something is hard, that’s where I go first. If something wants to break me, I let down my walls and let it try.

If you don’t open up to what is happening now, you wont ever find your harmony. If you don’t reap life’s opportunities for all that they are worth, you will never grow. Be a problem solver, not a problem giver. Be a light, share your insight.

     I want to make sure that when you’re reading this message, you have not only the pop of inspiration right now, but the next time you are faced with adversity and test of will, that you will let it in, let it break you and push you into a place you don’t know, then devise a plan and muster the strength to fight your way out of it. The moment you believe you earned something or deserve something; you have already failed at living in the “now”. The moment you believe things like happiness, reward, love, passion…all just land in your lap – you have already cut yourself short. The real returns and rewards are measured in the hard work, patience, and life lived along side of life’s non-linear accompaniments. The journey is right there with you and in front of you, don’t miss what it has to offer.

     Competing and bodybuilding is a life-long passion, as long as you let it be one."



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