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TEAM CASEY OWNER & HEAD COACH: Casey Torres (Samsel)

IFBB Bikini Pro since 2014

3x Bikini Olympian

Certified Personal Trainer 2015

Fitness Nutrition Specialist 2018

5.5 years experience Bikini Bodybuilding & Coaching 

7 years experience Bikini Bodybuilding & Competing

Owner of TEAM CASEY LLC since 2015

Self-coached from Day 1, 2013 to her IFBB Pro Status in 2015 and all Reverse and Improvement 'seasons' from 2013 to current. Has qualified for 3 Bikini Olympia’s ('16, '19, '20) via self-coaching.

  • 3 Pro-wins
  • 11 Top-5 finishes
  • 7 Top-2 placings
  • Holds 4th place title for the 2017 Bikini Olympia
  • Holds 3rd place title for the coveted 2018 Arnold Classic Bikini International.

Total Shows:

  • 5 amateur competitions, including 1st place IFBB Pro Card win.
  • 36 professional competitions including three Bikini Olympias and Arnold Classic Bikini International.

Train ONE-ON-ONE with Coach Casey

1 full hour of training, you choose the workout OR schedule and contact to arrange a specific workout! Learn proper form, technique, and get pushed past your usual limits!


Licensed Massage Therapist (2018)

Certified Personal Trainer (2019)

Fascial Stretch Practitioner (2019)

Nashville Fit Magazine’s LMT of the Year in 2019


· How to remedy common gut health issues; irregularity

· Correcting muscle imbalances

· Lower Body Soft Tissue Techniques in Sports Medicine

· Fascial Stretch

· Therapeutic manual manipulation of tissue

· Bachelors of Science in Psychology

· Balancing stressors in life; cortisol levels, recovery

· Cross training programs

We Can Accomplish All Of Your Goals


Bikini Competition Preparation

Bikini Competition Preparation

Bikini Competition Preparation

From competition preparation to 'Reverse Dieting' and training with multiple plans & packages available. Flexible dieting and meal plan options.


Balance of Life & Fitness

Bikini Competition Preparation

Bikini Competition Preparation

For those looking to find balance between life and fitness, gain muscle mass, lose body fat, or all of the above with no desire to compete. Flexible dieting and meal plan options.


Bikini Competition Posing

Bikini Competition Preparation

Bikini Competition Posing

For first-time and seasoned competitors who need a routine that suits them best in order to 'WOW' the judges and want to bring their posing to another level, add elegant flare, or tweak their angles to perfectly flatter their physique.